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- Project Concept:

The Planning concept of the project was mainly inspired by the project's location, utilizing the coast's length that extends 1200m without exceeding 200m from shore.

This enabled us to build - up the villas in groups on semi - private spaces, Where each space includes a private swimming pool , enabling the owners of each group to swim safely , In addition to passages , places for sitting and children to play .




The location of the resort and it's natural distinction facilitated the owners of each villa, to reach the beach directly without facing any obstacles that might prevent them from enjoying or reaching the beach.

The design was mainly concerned with the constructural design that achieved privacy for each villa specifically and for the villas areas in general in case of separating the hotel and chalets that are located at the village's entrance which is the central area of services.

The hotel represents one of the main distinguished services of the project where it includes a group of restaurants, cafeterias, games rooms, Swimming pools and open areas, in a addition to a group of commercial shops.

The hotel is managed by one of the companies specialized in the field of the hotel management .

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